Panel - 从边缘发声: 香港电影的新趋势? FROM THE FRINGES OF SOCIETY: A NEW TREND IN HONG KONG CINEMA? | Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019

地点: 斯盖普创意社区中心 (Level 5)
主席: 符诗专
主讲: 欧文杰, 陈小娟, 李骏硕, 舒琪

Venue: *SCAPE Gallery (Level 5)
Moderator: Foo Tee Tuan
Speakers: Jevons Au, Oliver Chan, Jun Li, Shu Kei

近年来,香港连续拍出多部关注弱势 群体的剧情长片,从2016年的《幸 运是我》,2017年的《一念无明》 到2018年的《黄金花》《非同凡 响》《翠丝》《沦落人》都对不同弱 势群体所面对的问题提出讨论。这些 电影大多是新晋导演的作品,新晋导 演为何特别关注这类题材?《非同凡 响》导演欧文杰、《翠丝》导演李骏 硕、《沦落人》导演陈小娟,以及香 港资深电影人舒琪主讲的“从边缘发 声:香港电影的新趋势?”座谈会, 邀请您来共同探讨。

In recent years, there seem to be many Hong Kong movies that tend to focus on portraying people from the fringes of society in a realistic setting, so as to shed light and raise awareness about various social issues and stigma. Such films include Happiness (2016), Mad World (2017), and Tomorrow Is Another Day (2018). It is evident that the bulk of these films are being made by a new generation of filmmakers. Why do the younger directors tend to focus on such serious topics or characters from the fringes? Will this emerging trend be sustained in the long run? Let us hear from our panel of filmmakers – Jevons Au (Distinction – writer/ director), Jun Li (Tracey – writer/director), Shu Kei (Tracey – writer/ producer) and Oliver Chan (Still Human – writer/ director) as they share their experiences in making their respective films and their views on this new trend in Hong Kong Cinema.

Singapore Chinese Film Festival is co-founded and organised by the Singapore Film Society and Singapore University of Social Sciences, and is held annually since 2013. The main objective of the festival is to promote the appreciation of quality Chinese Cinema here in Singapore. Through panel discussions and dialogue, the festival aims to foster deeper interaction between Singapore filmmaking talents and filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

It is currently the second largest film festival held in Singapore in terms of number of films screened and audience attendance, with yearly growth in attendance since its inauguration in 2013.

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Sat Apr 20, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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2 Orchard Link Singapore
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